Padam Shree Prof. Ram Panjwani

Cultural Ambassador of Sindhi Community


Name Padmashri (Late) Prof. Ram Partaprai Panjwani
Title if any
Date of Birth 20-11-1911
Place of Birth Larkana,  Sind (Pakistan).
Academic Attainments B.A.
Permanent Residential
C/O Ratna Hinduja Ram Mahal,
Opp: Mahim Rly. Station,
Mahim, Mumbai  400016
Telephone Nos. (R) 91-22-2446 5740
Occupation/ Profession Retd. Professor of Sindhi
Jai Hind College, Mumbai
Date of Death 31-03-1987


Significant Literary Achievements/ Contributions:
During his lifetime he wrote 25 books on various generes  The most significant amongst them were
1.    Quaidi (Prisoner), 1943 Novel on Freedom struggle.
2.    Ahe Na Ahe, (Is He? or is He not?) 1955 Novel (on faith in God
3.    Anokha Azmooda, (Unique Experiences), 1962 Novel.
4.    Ayo Nayo Zamano, (Arrival of New Age), 1978 Novel.
5.    Zindgi Yaan Mout(Life or Death) Novel, 1988.
6.    Also he wrote a book containing Seven Folk Tales of Sind (Sindh Joon Sat Kahaniyoon).  Most of which were staged as dramas.
7.    In addition he translated in Sindhi famous Dale Carnidges classic How to win friends and influence people, which became household name in Sindhi community.  Sindhi title of the book was Dost Keean Kajan Ain Dilyoon Keean Kheechjan.

As Dramatist:
He repeatedly staged all seven folk tales of Sindh narrated by legendary Sindhi Poet Shah Abdul Latif.  He also staged social plays like Maya Jo Moh(lure of wealth) Samaj Sevak(Socil Worker) Ayo Naon Zamano, (Arrival of new age) and many more.

As Singer:
He was renowned folk singer and composed numerous Soofi Kalams, folk songs, Bhajjans, Ghazals, etc. and released number of audio cassettes spread over 50 years.  There were also a few Sindhi films like Jhulelal (Patron God of Sindhi)
Hojamalo, (Cry of victory), Ladli (Darling) in which he provided lyrics and also sang some popular songs.

Recognition By Way Of Award/ Honours:
Ram Panjwani perhaps was the only Sindhi who received maximum Awards/ Honours in the shape of Manpatras, trophies, medals, silver caskets etc. during the span of 50 years particularly in the post partition era.

A few prestigious ones are given below:
i)    For his novel Anokha Azmooda (Unique experiences), 1964 (By Sahitya Akademi Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India)
ii)   Dr. Choithram Gidwani’s Award for outstanding contribution in keeping Sindhayatalive 1965 (At Mumbai at glitterring function held for the purpose).
iii)  Sindhu Ratan honour conferred for noteworthy contributions in the field of Sindhi language and literature, 1970 (At Jaipur by Rajasthan Sindhi Academy)
iv)  Padma Shri, coveted honour conferred on him in 1981 (At New Delhi, by Govt. of India).

Note:  Till 1981, he was the first Sindhi to be conferred with this prestigious honour.

Additional Information:
1.    Dada Ram Panjwani founded cultural centre for Sindhi community namely Sita Sindhu Bhavan at Mumbai.
2.    He had an opportunity of presenting Sindhi Kalams  and Bhajans before the great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Morarjibhai & host of other national leaders.
3.    He visited nook and corner of India particularly where Sindhis had settled down and gave them much needed healing touch and inspired them to save our rich language and culture and presented Sindhi cultural programmes to regale his audiences (both Sindhi and Non-Sindhi) .
4.    He was known as Cultural Ambassador of the Sindhi community.  He had a very pleasing personality and with his quick wit and oratorical skills, he could fit into any gathering whether social, cultural, or any other.  He was doyen of community.  He was also known as Mahal Jo Manhoon (Man of the moment) and had the capacity to carry the audiences on his shoulders.
5.    He used to say and believed that Yesterday is cancelled cheque, today is cash in hand and tomorrow is a promissory note.  He spent every moment of life effectively till he breathed his last in March 1987.
6.    He was very much concerned about the future of Sindhi language and culture.  His slogan was Sindhi Ahyan Sindhi Ahyan Sindhi Muhinji Boli Keean Visaryan, Boli Jahin Mein Mau Dinee Huee Loli
7.    He was always at service of down trodden particularly in the community, may it be a student, widow, or any other victim of circumstances, and he would extend his helping hand.

Dada Ram Panjwani was known as Cultural Ambassador of Sindhi Community.
Chosen man the FIRST amongst Sindhis in the post partition era.
The famous Tennyson had said:  The world as God has made it, all is beauty and knowing this is love, love is duty.  Dada Ram Panjwani used to recite this frequently.

Dada Ram Panjwani was truly myriad minded, many splendoured person.  He was an educationist, a teacher, a literateur wielding his pen with equal felicity in different fields of literature, novel, short story essay, drama, poetry etc.  He was also performing artiste of very high calibre an inspiring singer an able portrayer of sindhi folk lore, a masterly exponent of Sindhi culture and that goes by the name of Sindhyat.  On stage Dada was phenomenon to be believed.  He would keep his listeners spell bound for hours.  He did not sing to entertain his audiences, but he sang to inspire his listeners to enthuse them.  He infused hope and faith in drooping hearts of Sindhi community in post partition era.

Many Sindhis even adored him as a Saint and compared him with legendry Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib.

Dada Panjwani was never attracted by the greed of materialism.  Whatever he received in his Matka (an earthen pot) whilist performing before huge audiences, was given away to local charitable causes.

In humility received the well-known Shabad of the Guru.

I have nothing of my own, all that I have, been given to me is by you, and when I give away what you have given me, how Can I take credit for that?

Deepak Chawla
14-Apr-2020 01:02 am
I am very lucky I saw Dada Ram Panjwani's programs in my childhood Very great person great singer writer

Deepak Chawla
14-Apr-2020 12:56 am
I want Panchtantra translated by Dada Ram Panjwani

Ronak Panjwani
23-Mar-2012 08:49 pm
He was my grandfather…:(

Kanu Butani
17-Nov-2011 04:32 pm
Hi, This is an awesome site. It describes dada Ram Punjwani in all aspects. Thanks for creating such a wonderful and informative website. I remember , when i was just 5 years old, me and my brother got change to perform in front of Dada Ram Punjwani, when he had come to Mulund Shahani trust’s old people’s home. This is way back in 1977, and we both sang a very famous song sung by him, “Sabh kan tuhinji saara” and he was very happy and encouraged us a lot. To find this site is more than enthralling experience for all of us.

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