Padam Shree Prof. Ram Panjwani

Cultural Ambassador of Sindhi Community

70th Birthday wish by T.L. Vaswani

 Nov 13,2011  

Dear Brother, Salutations to you on your 70th birthday ! For half a century you have served Beloved Bharata and the Community you love with no ordinary love. Through song and music, story and drama, you have sought to inspire the people to live the true life, the life that is life, indeed, the life of simplicity. sympathy, service. You have taken to lands, near and far, the message of Sindhi dervishes and fakirs. And who is a true dervish ? The question was asked of Guru Nanak by the Muslim Sheikh of Panipat And the Guru asnwered :- "Him I call a dervish who, alive is dead, And while awake is asleep He who renounces everthing And annihilates his self, who is in deep communion, And sings spontaneous songs- He is a dervish at heart." Today, there is scramble for power, greed of gold and just for fame. This pursuit of power or prominecne or possessions is a form of suicide. And the maladyseems to be increasing. May the Lord grant you increasing strength to spread, far and wide, the message of our Singers and Saints who taught that we must walk the "little" way and rejoice in remaining unknown, and that, like the radiant sun and the flowing stream, we must serve without consciousness. Is not this message the one urgent need of the modern world ? You will not find God philosophically. Seek Him as the answer to call the needs of your soul ! T.L.VASWANI

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