Padam Shree Prof. Ram Panjwani

Cultural Ambassador of Sindhi Community






   Amar Awaz Audio CD

      Padamshree Prof. Ram Panjwani

       Music on:TIPS

1. Jit Bah Bare  
2. Sandesh – Dada Ram Panjwani  
3. Shridhanjali – Mohan Chhabria  
4. Jiyan Jogiara  
5. Muhinjee Beri Athai  
6. Jadhahin Munkhey Tuhinji  
7. Tun Na Lakhe Bera  
8. Kiyan Rijhayan Tokhey  
9. Banan Ji bi Banhi Ahiyna  
10. Khan Mein Thahe, Khana Mein Dahe  
11. Ramzun Sanu Gulam Kayo Athav  
12. Badal Ahiya Bahar Miyan  
13. Palav  


Album 2





Sadaeen Yaad Rahanda

Padamshree Prof. Ram Panjwani and Bhagwanti Nawani

Music on:TIPS

 1. Ayas Tuhinje Dwar  
 2. Sindhiyun Ja Mela  
3. Bhau Ta Muhinjo  
4. Pere Pavandi Saan  
 5. Sik Mein O-Sik Mein  
6. Koi-na Kahinjo  
7. Muhinja Kamil Yaar  
8. Muhino Haane Bhambhor Mein  
9. Lalan Tuhinje Lare  
10. Unhan Ji Ahiyaan  
 11. Dar Yaar Kholindo  
 12. Palau  


 Album 3





Rafi Sings Sindhi Songs

Singer: Mohd. Rafi

Music By: Prof Ram Panjwani

Assisted by: Issardas Sapru

1. Kahdi Karyan Mahmani
(Lyrics: Sachal)
2. Badal Aaya Bahar Miyan
(Lyrics: Bhojal)
3. Jeko Sabhai Siyaka Saatte
(Lyrics: Roshan)
4. Hee Aashikan Ja Insaaf
(Lyrics: Dharamdas)
5. Tun Aheen Sahib
(Lyrics: Sachal)
6. Dardan Ji Mari
(Lyrics: Shah)
 7. Kiya Janey Dum Koi
(Lyrics: Buleshah)
8. Kalangi Wara Lal
(Lyrics: Ram)



Hargun chellaram Khanchandani
29-Jan-2019 01:56 pm
We are proud for being sundhi but we are going away from our culture so keep alive we should have one sindhi group on what's up to chat and share sentiment and civilisation of sindhi culture !! SADHIYEEN SACHA SINDHI !! GROUP NAME PLEASE ADD HERE

Pushpa SAmtani
05-Apr-2015 08:15 pm
As a homage to Professor Ram Panjwani I do wish Sindhis unite and sread our culture and language.

Rupesh verma
28-Oct-2014 04:56 pm
wah Rafi sahab aap akele sangeet ke asman me chamakte suraj ho

Lachman K. Chandiramani
15-Sep-2012 06:20 am
I agree all the old archives should be taken out all over India, and should be recorded in various CD’S and sold all over India and abroad thereby maintaining our Sindhi culture and language.

siddharth sharma
15-Sep-2012 01:33 am
i deeply appreciate the initiative it is very much needed for this generation to get acquainted with poetry and sindhi language.. i would like to know that if i can download sindhi songs by master chander and many other singers from any particular site.. i would be highly obliged if some would let me know the names of the sites from which i can download original tracks…

prem kumar
13-Sep-2012 09:53 pm
he was a great singer, and i was his fan from my childhood. i would like to hear the greatest hits like meji behari ….. allaji chami rasai hai, allaji kesa rajiha …….

Rajkumar Bhatia
31-Mar-2012 07:55 pm
I am ashamed we do not have all the songs sung by dada ram punjwani. I have heard guru madah, chounki, and many other songs. Where can we all locate and prepare a cd for these songs. There used to be a company called montage in nasik which used to sell the cassettes can you please get them out of the archives and have the present sindhi generation take benefit of dada’s songs

prashant budhrani
06-Mar-2012 03:24 pm
i m very big fan of prof. ram panjwani his songs his social works for Sindhi community

Dilip Tekchandani
21-Nov-2011 03:53 pm
هي ويب سائيٽ اسان سنڌين جو ورثو آهي اهو سدا قائم رهي دليپ ٽيڪچنداڻي سنڌيگلاب ڊاٽ ڪام

Aijaz Khooharo
20-Nov-2011 03:59 pm
Prof. Ram Panjwani was not an ordinary professor, but he was an institution of love, culture, poetry, language, music and history. Most of the old age people (above 50 years) know about this legend Sindhi Personality in Sindh Province. I wish a program on this legendary figure may be aired on Sindhi Channels: Kawish, Sindh News, Mehran, and Awaz so that young sindhi generation could learn about this spiritual personality devoted his life for scattered Sindhi Community particular living in India after partition. I wish happy birth day to Sindhi nation and and hope that his services will be admired by from generation to generation.

Ayaz Ali Laghari
20-Nov-2011 12:27 pm
Professor Ram Panjwani, is my favorite singer, I am in search of the songs in his amar voice, I con’t control my emotions while listening the songs in his voice on the Sindhi Service of All India Radio………. Thanks for making this page and sharing such a huge treasure with us. Please guide me, how I can get the music in his voice, albums like above? And Specially, (Allae j chha me raazi aa allae j kenhn saan raazi aa)…..

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