Padam Shree Prof. Ram Panjwani

Cultural Ambassador of Sindhi Community

Message from J.P Vaswani

 Nov 13,2011  

God. For, he was the great Bhagat Kanwar Ram in whose voice, husky and honeysweet, lay a magic that put a spell on us and filled us with ecstacy. In my view, the mantle of Bhagat Kanwar Ram has fallen on Ram Panjwani. It is often I have sat in large halls and watched in admiration Ram Panjwani competently filling in for Bhagat Kanwar Ram, mesmerising us almost in the same way. Filled to the brim with adoration for God, loving us at the same time, Ram Panjwani can sing for hours, he can forget wordly cares and can make us forget them. Is it a surprise then that he has remained young in all these years? J.P.VASWANI 10, sadhu Vaswani Path, Poona - 411 001. 20-11-81

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